Salt Drift Pointe

(619) 756-6001 536 13th St. Ste 1 Imperial Beach, CA 91932  

Welcome to Salt Drift Pointe your top venue destination overlooking the San Diego Bay. Salt Drift Pointe was inspired by the local Salt Ponds that have been mined in the area for over 100 years. The symbolism of Salt is Life! and we want all who come here to live it abundantly!

Our venue makes for a perfect destination as we are located a mile from the beach, 8 miles from Coronado with tons of great amenities such as restaurants & hotels. We feature over 6,000 sqft of indoor venue space. Also, we have a lovely patio area with over 5,000 sqft, toped off with 2,000 sqft pier for ceremonies & outdoor events. In addition, we have 5 roll up doors for added outdoor bay experience.

Salt Drift Pointe is brought to you by Rich & Terry. Two childhood friends born & raised in San Diego and have been in the Service & Hospitality Industry for over 20 years. We hope you enjoy our venue as much as we do where you will make cherished memories for a lifetime.


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